Foundry Broadaxe

  • The Broadaxe is Foundry’s 29er. Nimble but durable, its excellent handling is due in large part to a 12mm rear thru-axle hub connected to short 438mm chainstays, with chain- and seatstays directionally shaped to balance vertical flex while maintaining excellent power transfer. The combination provides a comfy ride, but stomp on the pedals and the rear end stiffens to launch you through whatever obstacles you encounter.
  • Amazingly, the 17” Broadaxe frame weighs in at a, very respectable 1010g (2.2lbs). This is due to carbon fiber’s unique strength-to-weight properties.  Like all Foundry bikes, the Broadaxe is not meant to impress with flashy graphics or boastful claims. It’s a tool, meant to be ridden and ridden hard, and to underline this, it’s backed by Foundry’s no-hassle 10 year warranty.