Foundry Tradesman

Foundry Cycles has been looking for five brand ambassadors to ride our bikes and document their experiences. We’re calling them Foundry Tradesmen and Tradeswomen. We’ve narrowed it down to 15 finalists in 5 regions. One finalist from each region will be selected by your votes. Here’s how you vote:

Log in to Facebook using the button below. Then review the finalists from each region. You can vote for only 1 person in each region – and you can only vote in each region one time. Click on the Vote button under the individual’s picture and live vicariously through others.


Craig Jordan
521 Votes | Craig Jordan
Jamie Hull
676 Votes | Jamie Hull
Peter Thomsen
421 Votes | Peter Thomsen


Andy Thieman
444 Votes | Andy Thieman
Kevin Benjamin
241 Votes | Kevin Benjamin
Tony Arroyos
241 Votes | Tony Arroyos


Catherine Ebeling
753 Votes | Catherine Ebeling
Gus Hemingway
1183 Votes | Gus Hemingway
Marty Tank
252 Votes | Marty Tank


Alex Capece
537 Votes | Alex Capece
Jonathan Peter
275 Votes | Jonathan Peter
Rodney Hutton
385 Votes | Rodney Hutton


Jessica Moore
399 Votes | Jessica Moore
Patrick Harrington
979 Votes | Patrick Harrington
Stephen Janes
1146 Votes | Stephen Janes

All finalist's answers have been published verbatim, with no editing or corrections.